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Berea, Ohio, just southwest of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, is one of the hottest train watching spots in Ohio, with about 130 trains of Norfolk Southern (about 60%) and CSX (about 40%) passing the now-closed BE Tower/CP 194 daily -- although with the current economic slowdown, the number of trains, and their frequency, on both NS and CSX are down from the previous levels.

Two Wheeling & Lake Erie trains through Berea (Z707-708 on CSX, KB50-51 on NS) now operate infrequently because WLE lost the coke contract to the steel plant in Cleveland's Flats. The W&LE trains now mostly haul scrap steel on an as-needed basis, usually once a week, generally late in the day.

IMPORTANT !  While you are at Berea, please DO NOT cross, or walk on, or allow children to play on the tracks!  Unfortunately, some visitors are doing this again, and their action has attracted the attention of both the CSX Special Agents and the Berea City Police. Crossing, or being on, the tracks is trespassing on railroad property, a Federal offense. The penalty is severe -- heavy fine and possible major prison time. And if children are involved, felony child endangerment charges may be brought. We do not want to see any of our visitors arrested, or injured, so please be on your best behavior while at Berea. We don't want our railfanning curtailed or fenced off. Thank you!

This page carries photos of NS, CSX, and WLE trains passing through Berea, Ohio -- also known as CP 194 -- on the NS, ex-Conrail, exx-PennCentral, exxx-New York Central tracks. We have expanded this page to include NS' Rockport Yard which is about 4 miles northeast of Berea, and is the road's main Cleveland yard, and also train action in Olmsted Falls, the next town west of Berea.

You might want to look at the Berea Map and Berea Facts pages for information on how to get to Berea, especially since the bridge project is under way; where to park and eat, and a brief history of the railroad scene at Berea.


When you are railfanning at Berea, may we ask you to please

1. Not cross, or walk on, or allow children to play on the tracks!

2. Not park in the B-W University Maintenance, or the SoundCom, parking areas at the west end of Depot St. Both companies have specifically requested that you do not use their lots (and they may ask the Berea Police to enforce this request.)

3. Take any trash (bottles, cans, paper, etc.) with you when you leave, and not litter the trackside area, the grass lot, or restaurant's parking lots.

Let's be considerate of the rather unique venue which we have at Berea, and be good neighbors. Thank you!

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CN 2550 ((C44-9W) has the point of CSX Q385 west at Berea 6/23/12 (Steve LaConte)

CEFX 3173 and ICE 6427 (2 SD40-2) lead CSX K637 west. Berea 6/23/12 (Steve LaConte)

Berea railfans areee on full alert as CSX 5242 (ES44DC) tales 4 BNSF deliveries west at Berea 6/23/12 (Steve LaConte)

CSX 4773 (sd70MAC0 leading CSX Q378 at Berea, 6/23/12 (Steve LaConte)

BNSF 7350 (ES44DC), CSX 4002 (SD4o-3), and CN 2835 (C44-9W) west on CSX at Bera 6/4/12 (John Cooney)

NS 1066 and 1065 (2 SD70ACe) Heritage units east at Berea 6/10/12 (John Cooney)

CN 2443 (Deaper taper) C40-8M leads a sister east on CSX ar Berea 6/11/1o (John Cooney)

UP 7521 and 2 sisters take CSX Q090 Salad Express east, Berea 6/10/11 (John Cooney)

Heavy hauler. CSX takes a heavy Schnabel car load of rransformers west at Berea 3/12 (Steve LaConte)

CSX 8596 leading Q356 at Front St. 6/4/12 (Rich Kaminsky)

NS 9671 leads 20R east at Front St. 3/17/12 (Rich Kaminsky)

NS 7645 (leader) and 9586 power an intermodal train east past the BE Tower 6/6/12 (Rich Kaminsky)

A pair of NS units take UP 7925 GE delivery west ar Berrea 5/12 (John Cooney)

NS 1066 (SD70ACe) NYC Heritage unit, east at Berea; Berea, 6/3/12 (Dan Davidson)

NS 1065 (SD70ACe), Savanna & Atlantic Heritage unit, Berea, 6/3/12 (Dan Davidson)

NS 4270 and 4275 (F9A/F8) west at Olmsted Falls with NS' Exhibit Car goint to Nat. Train Day in Chicago 5/10/12 (Dan Davidson)

NS 4270 and 4275 (F9A/F8) rybwest at Olmsted Falls with NS' Exhibit Car goint to Nat. Train Day in Chicago 5/10/12 (Dan Davidson)

NS 7615 (ES44AC) and 2 sisters being NS east at Olmstes Falls 11/14/12 (Dan Davidson)

Brrr! NS 9470 (C40-9W) kicks up a small snow storm as it rushes west at Olmsted Falls 1/14/12 (Dn Davidson)

White face! NS 9765, west at Olmsted Falls, has picked uP a good snow coat 1/14/12 (Dan Davidson)

CSX detour move from Porter, IN, derailment crosses from NS at Berea 1/7/12 (Dan Davidson)

CSX detour move from Porter, IN, derailment crosses from NS at Berea 1/7/12 (Dan Davidson)

BNSF 6600 (ES4C4) out of GE at Erie heads wesst at Berea in tow on a CSX train (John Cooney)

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